On June 16th 2010 I successfully submitted this panel for the award of
Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS).

The following is the statement of intent which was submitted alongside the mounted prints:

The Intimate Forest.
Within a 10 mile radius of my home there are several areas of forest and woodland which have become favourite spots for walks, rest, relaxation and above all a source of photographic inspiration. My intention in this panel is to express something of the way I see the forest as it changes throughout the year and is an exploration into the shapes, colours and textures of woodland areas throughout the seasons. The use of various blurring techniques has emphasized the muted colours and effect of sunlight in spring and summer, the stark outline of the forest trees in winter snow and finally the subtle changes in colour and texture as autumn approaches. The final result is a panel which can be viewed as whole, in sections or as individual images, each of which reveals a different aspect of the forest as I see it.