What can I expect during my session?

I am sure we have all seen the photographs of families facing the camera and smiling, these are not the images I aim to capture for you during my sessions. We may capture one or two more formal group images, but this is not guaranteed, it all depends on your family and how our session is going.

I will never instruct anybody to smile. My style is to capture your family enjoying each others company, having fun and interacting. This means that not everybody will be seen in every image, sometimes hair may cover the faces or somebody may be looking in a different direction, I am capturing the emotion and relationships in your family.

In order to make this happen and overcome any shyness  or awkwardness I will suggest poses, and actions; we will get up close  and personal...it will be fun. I will ask you to sit on the floor for some images, play with your children, and interact with one another.

I do not use props, however if you have a throw or rug you would like to bring along to sit on or wrap around your family that could be useful.

It may be that your children become restless during our session, it is fine to bring some snacks so they can have a break, however I will continue to shoot during those times. I will aim to capture different family groupings, playing together and sharing special moments. If you have any specific requests please add it onto the post booking information sheet.