What opportunities do I have today that I may not have tomorrow?

A bit heavy for first thing in the morning? Well not really…just a bit of a reality check for those of us who tend to put off what we should be doing today until…I have more time, I feel better, I have had a better sleep, I have more money, I have less responsibilities etc etc…We each have our own very special set of circumstances which mean that we often put off important things until tomorrow. Sadly some of the things we put off never happen because other circumstances overtake events and we then live with regret. A week ago I put up a very popular blog about the way in which Professor Greens rap spoke to me, following the blog, and some interesting messages I received, I think this really touches a nerve for so many of us.

Life is busy and there are so many priorities which crowd in, many of these are genuine and important; caring for children or elderly relatives, planning our financial future, running a business, setting up a business, simply getting through the day and accomplishing all those mundane jobs which seem to fill our lives.

In this crowded day to day existence we often forget that soon the children will have grown up, the elderly will no longer be with us and the relationships we value now will simply be a memory.

The opportunity to say those things we want to say will have gone, the opportunity to capture those special moments will have passed, the opportunity to preserve the memories for generations to come will be no more. The clock cannot be turned back, the expiry date for these opportunities has passed.

I ask one very simple question…or maybe it is not so simple(!)…what is it about your life, your family or your friends that you treasure? What do you value, what do you enjoy now? Following on from that, how can you preserve those memories, what do you need to say or do today so that tomorrow you do not live with regret?

I cannot help with those special conversations you need to have but I can help with preserving those memories. Just a week ago I released some photo shoot dates, some of those dates are already not available. You could go through another year without recording those memories but think how your children will have grown and changed…or you could book a photo shoot today and preserve those memories forever. Visit my booking page now to check out the dates and times I still have available.

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