How to choose a photographer for your family photo shoot.

This is not going to be long post as there is a lot of information out there and I think it really comes down to two key questions:

  1. Do you like their work?

  2. Do you trust them?

1. Do you like their work?

Have a good look around their website, do you like the type of images they produce? Do they pose families or use more informal settings, focusing on the relationships and emotion where not everybody will be looking at the camera in every image.

What do you want from your photo shoot? Do the images on their site resonate with that?

2. Do you trust them?

Firstly do you know anybody who has used this photographer? If so have a chat and get their honest opinion. It is highly likely that you do not know anybody with direct experience so take a look at the reviews on their site, any reviews on Facebook and have a look at social media activity, do you like the way they come across and would you feel comfortable working with them?

Are they able to capture the images you require, have a look at any biography sections, do they have a experience in photography, do they have any endorsements…they are not the be all and end all but they build a picture for you.


Get in touch with them. Do you get a personal reply? Do they ask questions about what you require or do they expect you to fit into a predesignated package?

Once you have done all this book your session, so many people hold off and miss opportunities to capture precious memories.

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