Don't Say Cheese

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  1. Capture Real Life - There is a place for set piece photographs but the ones that truly bring a smile to the faceā€¦or a tear to the eye are those which capture the everyday, those candid images which will be treasured forever.

  2. Be Prepared and anticipate the moment - Be ready for action, you never know when that moment is going to happen. Use Auto settings if they help you to capture the moment.

  3. Light- Photography is all about light, knowing how to use it will make a huge difference to your images.

  4. Composition - Do you want to use the background to set a context for your images, do you want to get in close to capture the emotion and the relationships?

  5. Get Down to Their Level - When photographing children get down to their level.

  6. Take Lots of Photographs - You will never regret many discarded photographs when you find that special one!

  7. Take a Break - This is particularly important for families with young children, A miserable child rarely makes a good photograph!

  8. Don't Say Cheese - Giving everybody something to do, something to concentrate on will result in much more natural images.

  9. What to Wear - Always be comfortable. Ideally no big logos, stripes or patterns.

  10. Make it Fun - Enjoy your photo shoot and make sure you get some images with you in them.

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Shirley Hollis