The rapper Professor Green is not usually my type of music but he really made me think!

Just before Christmas two things happened which really made me think, firstly I watched an item on the TV about a project by Professor Green following the release of his new single called ‘Photographs’. Now this is not usually my kind of music, but sometimes something jumps up and hits you in the face. The basic idea of his single was that, following the tragic death of his father, he wished he had more photographs of him with his Dad. The lyrics are “Wish that I took more photographs of us” and on his site it is accompanied by an old image of him with his father that he treasures. He requested that others share photographs on the theme of lost but not forgotten. What is striking is that the images are are everyday photographs, showing emotion and love. You can see the images on his instagram page #wishthatitookmorephotographsofus

The second thing that happened was that I had been asked if I would be willing to photograph a seriously ill mother with her family. What an incredible honour! Sadly the mother passed away before it was possible and left me feeling so sad for her children.

I am sure you can see where this is leading, sometimes we leave it too long and regret not taking the opportunity to capture those moments. This is something I am passionate about and the reason I started my family photography business. Yes we can use our mobile phones but as one client said “I just want a nice picture of us all together I am either never in them or looking very awkward”. Why don’t you contact me and we can discuss what I can do to help you preserve those special relationships and memories? Alternatively visit my booking page and reserve one of my newly released sessions.

Shirley Hollis