What happens to our photo shoot if the weather is bad?

This is a question I am often asked, both by potential clients and the curious.

As we are based in UK, the weather can never be relied upon and the forecasts seem to change by the hour we always have a plan B. This summer has been great in terms of reliability but as we turn to autumn things are beginning to change.

Most of my sessions are allocated for a Friday or Saturday and I always ask clients to keep the next day free in case of inclement weather. I had a recent sunflower shoot booked and, although the farm was still open, in consultation with the clients we moved it to the next day when the weather was predicted to be much better. This resulted in a fab shoot...see the image above. If the forecast continues to be poor we will book another mutually convenient day.


Of course the other option is to carry on regardless, sometimes 'alternative' weather can provide us with other opportunities; think wellies, puddles, umbrellas, snowballs etc.

The key to this is communication. I am in contact with my clients from the moment they book and we discuss all eventualities...see a review on my Facebook page where a client comments on the excellent planning and communication.