Fail to plan...

This quote, " Fail to plan, plan to fail", often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, is so true. Plans may need to be amended or even completely abandoned but forethought and planning in any activity is vital. 

Today I will be planning for the two shoots I have this week. I will plan the venue, positioning, poses, etc. but remain completely flexible to respond to the needs of the family during their photo shoot. The families are very different and, although I will approach my sessions in a similar way, it is crucial to personalise each one. 

I am always thrilled when a family chooses me to "Capture the Moment" for them, never take it for granted and will plan, plan, plan to ensure they get full value for their investment of time and money. 

I love what I do, enjoy every aspect and consider it a privilege to "Capture the Moment" for each family I work with.

Shirley HollisComment