Why choose me to 'Capture The Moment' for you?

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As a mother and brand new grandmother I am very conscious that families change very quickly and those special moments can be lost forever; I am passionate about preserving memories for future generations. Whilst we take many images on our phones and save them on our hard drives I wonder if these will be accessible for our children’s children. I love browsing through old images and want to ensure that my great grandchildren and beyond can still do that. So Photographs By Shirley was created to “Capture The Moment” for you.

How does this work? Well I would spend approximately 45 minutes with your family, I will use my expertise to ensure that I capture interactions and relationships, this is definitely not about always facing the camera and demanding a smile! We will laugh together and have fun. Once the session is over I will put your images in a password protected gallery, these are now your images to do with as you please, you do not have to select a particular number...you can have them all. You can download them to share with friends and family now, you can print them, making beautiful gifts or I can create a photo book for you...preserving your memories for generations to come.

My summer sessions are running out so why not head over to my website www.photographsbyshirley.co.uk to find out more? If you are ready to book your session now click here to go directly to the booking page and secure your slot. https://www.photographsbyshirley.co.uk/booking

Shirley Hollis